November 12th 2020 - Anyway, Anyway album out now!!!!

I'm so pleased to finally announce that Anyway, Anyway by House of Keys is out, online and ready to stream! Recorded in the summer of 2019, we've been dragging this record up the hill for months and now, at last, we are letting it roll merrily along the cyber slopes of the internet. Many thanks to Clare Beresford, Miriam Gould, Adam Brodigan, Sam Richards, Enrico Aurigemma and Sebastian Brice for all their hard working making this dream a reality.

Anyway, Anyway is available on bandcamp and wherever else you stream your music. Any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated, so if you like what you hear then don't keep it a secret!

October 23rd 2020 - Rock Pool

This September I was lucky enough to join the many performers and broadcasters around the land huddled under duvets trying to capture audio during lockdown. It was an absolute blast working with the good people of Inspector Sands on this lovely audio mini series for youngsters. As a keen rock pool enthusiast since childhood I feel like I've been training for the role of prawn all my life.

Stream all episodes for free here.

July 8th 2020 - Feeling content

Second post!!! Here is the exciting new content I promised. I've added a video page with two music videos I've made recently for Little Bulb and House of Keys. If you enjoy them please spread the word, these videos aren't going to watch themselves.

May 9th 2020 - Inaugural post

Firstly, for anyone reading this near the day it was posted, I hope you are well and staying safe! What a strange year!

As you can see, I've spent part of my lock down finally making a website. That's the main news today from me. Thanks for coming. Please let me know if anything is weird (-er than it should be) or not working. Any feedback is gratefully appreciated.

I'm hopefully going to start adding more to the music and video page soon so don't forget to keep checking every hour on the hour for exciting new content. (Have I calibrated that pitch right?)

Thanks for reading my first ever news post. Hopefully see you again soon!